ColMar Project


  • Même page en français sur ColMar
  • ColMar means "Colored Margins"
  • Try Colmar by downloading the plugin WhiteSpace for the JEdit editor
  • ColMar is a colorization system for indented margins of computer programs


    -1- Comparizon with/without margin colorization
    -2- An example with more nesting of blocks


  • Colorization according th the block type (if in green, for in purple, function in gray, etc.)
  • Modificateur displaying (#=protected, +=public -=private)
  • Same color displaying for the block declaration
  • Popup in the margin to remind block declaration

    To Do

  • Affectation highlighting (left and right part with different color)
  • Function call highlighting (color alternance for arguments)
  • Variable declaration highlighting (according to the type)


    Andre Kaplan, Nathan Jones for dsvelloping the whitespace plugin I used