FiCell Project

  • General
  • La même page en Français à propos de FiCell
  • FiCell means FIsheye CELL. It also means "String" in french (and it is what is displayed in the fisyehe). It is also the name of a very thin "baguette" in our bakeries
  • FiCell is a spreadsheet application with novel interaction techniques making it suitable for information visualization
  • FiCell is a visualization tools inspired from VITESSE but the interaction is different, the user moves the focus with his mouse cursor. The view is then always zoomed in under the cursor and the user can use the mouse to interact (select, edit, etc.) with the few magnified cells. The hill view proposes too a global view the user visualize all the time to move his focus. To highlight the information and break the uniformity FiCell proposes a colorization tool according to the value of the cell (words or number).
  • FiCell copy and paste tables with MS Excel and load/save its own file type.
  • There are two versions of FiCell, so called 1.0 et 2.0. The second version allows to visualize bigger tables (18000 cells for a 1600*1200 screen).

    • Applet/Test/Java web start

    Launch FiCell Application with Java Web Start (very easy if you have Java 1.6beta installed otherwise use the following icon :)

    Try the old version working with java 1.5 or even 1.4 (not tryed)

    GetJava Download Button

    • Snapshots
    1 2 3
    4 5 6 7
    1. The Hill view over a table with 2 others hills for row and column titles
    2. A huge selection in blue and a colorization of values between 9500 et 10000 in green
    3. Two hills on the first and last column of the selected area to compare datas
    4. Zoom-in on the hill fusion, here the main focus(mouse cursor) and the column title)
    5. Spherical focus
    6. Pyramid focus
    7. half sperical, half pyramidal Focus

    • Features
  • FiCell copys and pastes data with MS Excel
  • FiCell selects very huge table without using scollbars
  • FiCell colorizes cells according to their values
  • FiCell has more navigation tools than the mouse (a 3D Logitech Magellan and the keyboard arrow keys)
  • FiCell shows the column and the row with two smaller fisheye foci
  • FiCell compares to columns or rows in one drag&drop action
  • FiCell has all the intermediary shapes between sperical and pyramidal foci.

    • To Do
  • Better arythmetic expression parser for cell based formulas (=Sum:A2:C3) (maybe using ANTLR?)
  • Charts and histograms for multivariate and hierarchy
  • non straight foci (wave shape) for focus close to the border of the table

    • Credits & Acknowledgments
  • Emmanuel Dubois who helped me coding FiCell (AKA MulTab).
  • Guillaume LAURENT who helped me coding FiCell (AKA MulTab).
  • Laurence Nigay who helped me coding and evaluating the modalities of FiCell (AKA MulTab).
  • Stéphanie Buisine who helped me evaluating the Fitt's Law of FiCell.