Infovis: Comparing 3 classic Multivariate Visualizations

    Scatterplot Matrix + Animated Scatterplot ↑
  • click on Scatterplot thumbnail to animate the big one toward the desired axis
  • re-click or double-click to avoid animation
  • click on top labels to relate circle sizes to some dimensions
  • mouse over a circle to get numeric values
  • right/left click on axis labels to change dimensions related to axis
    Parallel Coordinates →
  • drag&drop on any axis to define a constraint
  • double-click on constraint to remove it
  • double-click on axis to invert it
  • double-click on labels to relate colors to some dimensions
  • double-click on selected axis to togle color mode
  • mouse over a line to get numeric values
  • drag&drop label on each other to exchage dimensions
    Attribute Explorer ↓
  • type a number in the textfield on the left set the number of classes in the histograms
  • select sub-ranges/constraints on any dimension to apply a filter
    • The table of numerical data is updated and rows not fulfilling all constraints are grayed
    • Histograms are updated to show multiple bars for each class.
    • Colored bar is the number of element in the class fullfiling all constraints
    • Gray (bigger) bars are the numbers of element in the class fulfilling all-but-1, all-but-2 and and all-but-3 constraints
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