• La même page en Français à propos de VITESSE
  • VITESSE means VIsualization TEchniqueS for Search Engines
  • VITESSE is an interactive Information Visualization system to display the results returned by a web search engine
  • VITESSE is a Client-Server Application with a client side in JAVA applet (you can test it with your browser Netscape or IE with Java 1.1 or later). The server side is also in JAVA(Servlet)
  • VITESSE can be connected to any existing web search engine on demand (parameter file to edit)
  • There are two versions of VITESSE : version 1.0 et version 2.6. The last version is what I improved after my Master work
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  • Snapshots

    -1- The start window (Search engine query)
    -2- The results are displayed on two windows. 1 applet window handle the links and one browser window display the web pages
    -3- The result set is mapped onto a space which can be deformed (hyperbolic or fisheye view)
    -4- An other view : the cylinder
    -5- An other view : the hill view


  • Mapping of the results on a 2D space.
  • 6 differents deformations by fisheye or hyperbolic views (integrated focus + context)
  • 6 navigation tools using the mouse (long click, drag&drop, scrollbars and navigation buttons ) or the keyboard (arrows, direct mapping between keyboard space and information space)
  • "Save" and "Load" information space to return later
  • Opinion sharing about results (5 possible opinions for each visited page and histograms of other opinions)

    To do

  • Mixing several search engine results
  • Improving HTML parser to extract more informations about the results (nb images, links, etc.)
  • Display a filtered version of the result instaed of the real result (set bold the keywords, etc.)
  • Edition of the information space (delete, add and refresh a result)


  • France Telecom (FT R&D) which funded a research project with my team on this topic
  • Emmanuel Dubois who added sonic landmarks in an other project
  • Lisette Garido who made an ergonomic evaluation
  • Yann Laurillau who chose VITESSE to build CoVITESSE